New Member Tournament
January 17, 2015

Sunny weather greeted the 40 members (new and old) who signed up to play our annual Opening Day/New Member event. Three new members, John Galli, Michael Hahn, and Gary Pruitt joined returning member Don Graham as the new kids on the block.

For our tournament this year the 10 four-player teams competed in the "best two of four" format. With the course layout and par of 67, that means par for the two balls is 134. Taking top honors was the team of Lyle Covino, Roger Kalemba, Buzz Ogren and Gordy Cole who shot an amazing 16-under 118. The team of John Osness, Ray Fales, Ed Barkley and Greg Val tied the team of Stephen Suleski, Ray Coler, Gary Doyle and Kathy Frankland at 12-under 122. Fourth place went to the team of Kevin Yamada, Ross Erickson, Keith Arends and Darien Arends at 10-under 124.

As in the past, each participant will be awarded five TOC points in addition to any they might win in competition.

On a personal note, it was great to see Craig Allen back and playing after suffering a life-threatening heart attack last fall. Craig has been involved in the club for many years and will be happy to regale you with his exploits if prompted a little.

John Frykland, Webmaster

Place Team Net $$$ Each TOC Pts Each
1st Lyle Covino Roger Kalemba Buzz Ogren Gordy Cole 118 $45 23
2nd (Tie) John Osness Ray Fales Ed Barkley Greg Val 122 $30 15
Stephen Suleski Ray Coler Gary Doyle Kathy Frankland 122 $30 15
4th Kevin Yamada Ross Erickson Keith Arends Darien Arends 124 $15 8
First Place Team Second Place Team
Roger Kalemba, Buzz Ogren, Lyle Covino and Gordy Cole Ray Coler, Gary Doyle, Kathy Frankland and Stephen Suleski
Second Place Team Fourth Place Team
Ed Barkley, Greg Val, John Osness and Ray Fales Ross Erickson, Darien Arends, Keith Arends and Kevin Yamada
Team Pictures by Tee Time
8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am
8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am
Complete Standings
Last Updated on 1/17/2015