Spring Valley - ILN
April 25, 2015

The ever-tough Spring Valley greens had most of the field baffled as usual.  The subtle slopes always seem to break away from Mission Ridge to the east even though they don't always appear that way.  There was a rumor of a six-putt and a five-putt but we don't divulge any names.  Scores this year were several strokes higher than during last year's visit to the course.

In the First Flight, Matt Gebhart took the low gross honors in a card playoff with Kevin Yamada.  Matt's better back nine gave him the nod and dropped Kevin into the low net braket of the results.  At the top of that list was William Wei with a 71 following up a fine showing in his flight of the San Francisco City Championship.  Second low net went to John Frykland with a 72 followed by Yamada (73) in third and Todd Gebhart (74) in fourth. 

Second Fligh low gross went to Ross Erickson with an 88.  Those lessons at Palo Alto Muni seem to be doing wonders for his game.  Low net winner, Rob Harrell, shot a fine 67 making him the only player in either flight to finish under par.  Tournament Director Jim Breedlove was second at 72 while John Binns (73) was third and Keith Arends (74) fourth.

Thanks to all who showed up for the event and congratulations to the winners.

John Frykland, Webmaster and prize winner.

First Flight
Place Player Gross Net $$$ TOC Pts
1st Gross Matt Gebhart 80   45 45
1st Net William Wei   71 45 45
2nd Net John Frykland   72 35 35
3rd Net Kevin Yamada   73 25 25
4th Net Todd Gebhart   74 15 25


Matt Gebhart

William Wei
Second Flight
Place Player Gross Net $$$ TOC Pts
1st Gross Ross Erickson 88   45 45
1st Net Rob Harrell   67 45 45
2nd Net Jim Breedlove   72 35 35
3rd Net John Binns   73 25 25
4th Net Keith Arends   74 15 15


Ross Erickson

Rob Harrell
Complete Standings
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