NCGA Four Ball Qualifier
April 8, 2017 at Moffett Field

The weather for this event at Moffett Field was a mixed bag with some steady rain, a couple of intense squalls and sunshine during the round.  The competition consisted of two tournaments - one to determine the two four ball teams that will go on in the NCGA competition and one to determine who won the prize money and the coveted TOC points.

In the qualifier, the team of John Osness and Howard Stein finished one shot clear of the field to move to the next round of competition.  Two teams finished tied for the second qualifying spot and went back out on the course to decide which one would advance.  David Farwell and William Wei returned to the first tee to take on Ken and Darien Arends.  It took three holes to determine the results with Farwell and Wei coming out on top.

The net portion of the tournament, with prize money and TOC points at stake, resulted in a runaway win for the team of James Kaku and Trevor Heathorn at six-under 66.  Three teams finished at 69 requiring a card playoff to determine the order of finish.  Ken and Darien Arends took second with a fine back-nine score of 32.  Third place went to John Osness and Howard Stein with a 33 while John Frykland and Jim Breedlove finished fourth with a 34 on the back.

Congratulations to all and good luck to the qualifiers in the next round of competition.

John Frykland, Webmaster

The One and Only Flight
Place Team Total $$$ Points (each)
1 James Kaku and Trevor Heathorn 66 50 25
2 Ken Arends and Darien Arends * 69 40 15
3 John Osness and Howard Stein * # 69 30 15
4 John Frykland and Jim Breedlove * 69 20 15
5 David Farwell and William Wei # 70 15 8
* Place and points determined by card playoff rules described in the Deciding Ties section of the club's local rules.
# Qualified for next round of NCGA competition

Complete Standings
Last Modified 4/9/2017