NCGA Senior Four Ball Qualifier
June 3, 2017 at Moffett Field

Back in April, we held the regular four ball qualifier at Moffett Field where the weather was a mixed bag with some steady rain, a couple of intense squalls and sunshine during the round.  For the senior version of the qualifier (those over 55), we returned to Moffett and encountered some great weather.  The competition consisted of two tournaments - one to determine the two teams that will go on in the NCGA competition and one to determine who won the prize money and the coveted TOC points.

In the qualifier, the team of Rick Wheat and Ken Arends combined for a great 11-under 61 to take the top spot.  John Driver and Anthony Tuiono joined forces to captured the second qualifying spot with a solid 64.  Those two teams will move on to a regional qualifier on August 2 at one of the local courses.  Qualifiers from that second stage will advance to the NCGA finals on September 7 and 8 at Poppy Hills.

It's no surprise that the above teams also took the top spots in the regular tournament that's open to all members of the club regardless of age.  Other prize winners included  the teams of Ross Erickson and Roger Kalemba (65), Ray Coler and Buzz Ogren (66) and Jim Breedlove and John Frykland (also 66).  Since some of the prizes consisted of gift cards at the Moffett pro shop, a card playoff was required to determine who walked away with the loot.

Congratulations to all and good luck to the qualifiers in the next round of competition.

John Frykland, Webmaster and prize winner

The One and Only Flight
Place Team Prize Score Qualifier Score Prizes (each) # Points (each)
1 Rick Wheat and Ken Arends 58 61 $46 23
2 John Driver and Anthony Tuiono 64 64 $38 19
3 Ross Erickson and Roger Kalemba 65 65 $28 14
4 Ray Coler and Buzz Ogren * 66 66 $23 12
5 Jim Breedlove and John Frykland * 66 66 $19 10
* Place and points determined by card playoff rules described in the Deciding Ties section of the club's local rules.
# Prizes for first and second are at the Brad Lozares Golf Shop. Prizes for 3rd through 5th are gift cards at Moffett pro shop.
Rick Wheat and Ken Arends Anthony Tuiono and John Driver
Complete Standings
Last Modified 6/4/2017