New Member Tournament
January 13, 2018
Sunnyvale Golf Course

The weather cooperated nicely with our trip to Sunnyvale Golf Course to play the annual New Member Tournament. In this event we introduce those who joined the previous year to the club, its members and tournament play. We had a great turnout with 35 players participating, a number that included 7 new members most of whom joined since our last tournament in December.

The competition this year included 10 teams playing in a "best two of four" format where we count the two best net scores on each hole. The course is a par 70 which means that counting two scores results in a par of 140. Some last minute cancellations resulted in a few teams playing with only 3 members. A fourth score in the form of a blind draw was added to those teams for scoring purposes and to make the competition fair.

The team of Brad Miller, Jim Schenkel, Chuck Pickett and new member Ken Cornwell came out on top with a total of 14-under 126. You may recoginize Ken as a former club member who rejoined this year after a five year absence.

Prizes are noted below with the following clarifications for those playing in one of our events for the first time. Tournament of Champions (TOC) points are awarded in team events at a value of half the prize money. A couple of years ago, we began awarding 5 points to all participants who show up to play. Non-winners receive the 5 points while those in the money receive the 5 points on top of any winnings.

John Frykland, Webmaster

Team Place Players Net $$$ Each TOC Pts Each
Team 6 1st Brad Miller Jim Schenkel Chuck Pickett Ken Cornwell * 126 $40 20
Team 4 2nd Kevin Yamads John Frykland Jack Woods Andy Dipaolo * 127 $30 15
Team 2 3rd Matt Gebhard Ed Barkley Bob Booth (blind draw) 128 $16 8
Team 5 3rd Dave Bridgman Ross Erickson Ken Arends Jack Purcell * 128 $16 8
* New Member
Team 1
James Kaku,
Scott Whitten
Doug Marinkovich
Team 2
Bob Booth
Matt Gebhart
Ed Barkley
Team 3
Tom Barreira*
Adolfo Pina
Jay Zimmer
Team 4
Andy Dipaolo*
Jack Woods
Kevin Yamada
John Frykland
Team 5
Jack Purcell*
Ross Erickson
Ken Arends
Dave Bridgman
Team 6
Brad Miller
Jim Schenkel
Chuck Pickett
Ken Cornwell*
Team 7
Dominic Ascani
Steve Morey*
Marshall Armstrong
Team 8
Buzz Ogren
John Osness
Trevor Heathorn
Paul Brown*
Team 9
Gary Pruitt
Carson Grinnell*
Roger Kalemba
John Harris
Team 10
Ray Coler
Matt Prucell
Gordy Cole
Complete Standings
Last Updated on 1/14/2018