Baylands Shotgun ILN
and Annual Meeting
May 4, 2019

The club members got their wish of an earlier tee time for this event with an 8am shotgun start. The reason for the early time goes to the need to hold our annual membership meeting to discuss the state of the club and to vote on some changes to our policies and procedures. With a shotgun start, everyone should finish about the same time.

First Flight winners included Jim Cowie with a one-under 71 to take the top spot in the gross competition. Dave Bridgman captured the top spot in the net competition with a three under 69. Jun Barron, Steve Guzman and Chuck Crain all shared second place at net 71. After a significant layoff with back issues, long time member John Osness returned and shot even par 72 for fifth low net.

In the Second Flight, Jim Yeaman stepped out from behind the pro shop counter to post an 83 and win low gross. Low net went to Michael Kern with a 67 while Frank Cavaliere finished second with a 70. Another three way tie completed the flight with Ed Barkley, Darien Arends, Jack Simpson and Keith Arends all sharing third at one under 71.

The Third Flight experienced the most excitement for the day with Rob Harrell acing the 15th hole and finishing second in the net competition. Thomas Barriera shot a consistent 88 for low gross while first low net went to Chuck Pickett with the best net score of the day at 63. Ken Arends took third with a 69 to complete the family trifecta while Gordy Cole and Trevor Heathorn tied for fourth at 70.

Congratulations to the winners - John Frykland, Webmaster

First Flight
Place Player Gross Net $$$ TOC Pts
Low Gross Jim Cowie 71   45 45
1st Net Dave Bridgman   69 45 45
2nd Net Jun Barron   71 32 32
  Steve Guzman   71 32 32
  Chuck Crain   71 32 32
5th Net John Osness   72 15 15

Rob Harrell - Ace on 15
Second Flight
Place Player Gross Net $$$ TOC Pts
Low Gross Jim Yeaman 83   45 45
1st Net Michael Kern   67 45 45
2nd Net Frank Cavaliere   70 35 35
3rd Net Ed Barkley   71 15 15
  Darien Arends   71 15 15
  Jack Simpson   71 15 15
  Keith Arends   71 15 15
Third Flight
Place Player Gross Net $$$ TOC Pts
Low Gross Thomas Barriera 88   45 45
1st Net Chuck Pickett   63 45 45
2nd Net Rob Harrell   68 35 35
3rd Net Ken Arends   69 25 25
4th Net Gordy Cole   70 18 18
  Trevor Heathorn   70 18 18

Complete Standings

Last Updated on 5/5/2019