NCGA Senior Four Ball Qualifier
June 8, 2019
Baylands Golf Links

On a bright, warm summer day, the club held its annual NCGA Senior Four Ball qualifier at our home course, Baylands Golf Links. The breeze was just enough to influence an occasional wayward shot and to keep the players cool with the temperaturs hitting the mid 80's. The main focus of this event was to select the two teams that will represent the club in the next round of NCGA qualifying to be held at a local course between August 1 and 10. When all the scores were in, the team of Dave Bridgman and Rick Wheat finished at an astounding fifteen under par 57 thanks in part to Dave's gross 69, his best round ever. Fortunately for the field, they would not be available to compete in the next round of competition. That left John Driver and partner Keith Shiver, who shot a net 59, as the top team to advance.

Two other teams came in with the next best score of 60, thus requiring a playoff to determine the second pair to advance. Club protocol is to have an on-course playoff to decide the tie but not all the players were available. Instead, the tie-breaker switched to a card playoff where the best back nine scores are compared. Coming out on top was the team of Scott Blanchard and Pete Jensen who squeezed out a one stroke victor over Buzz Ogren and partner Bill Yang.

In the "Points and Prize Money" portion of the tournament, the Bridgman/Wheat team took the top prize in the First Flight. The Ogren/Yang team topped the Second Flight while tournament director Heath Black and partner Ken Arends took the top spot in the Third Flight. Not to toot my own horn or anything, your friendly webmaster eagled the 18th hole with a driver, six iron and 20 foot putt to record a net double eagle and help he and partner Jim Schenkel to a second place finish in the Second Flight.

Congratulations to all and good luck to the qualifiers in the next round of competition at a local course in August.

John Frykland, Webmaster

First Flight
Place Team Total $$$ Points (each)
1 Dave Bridgmen and Rick Wheat 57 40 40
2 John Driver and Keith Shiver 59 30 30
3 Scott Blanchard and Pete Jensen 60 20 20
T4 David Farwell and Rocky Wolf 61 3 3
T4 Kevin Yamada and Brad Miller 61 3 3
Second Flight
Place Team Total $$$ Points (each)
1 Buzz Ogren and William Yang 59 40 40
2 John Frykland and Jim Schenkel 61 30 30
3 Eric Englehardt and Rafael Carmona Toscana 62 20 20
T4 Peter Malloy and Dominic Ascani 65 3 3
T4 Ed Barkley and Roger Kalemba 65 3 3
Third Flight
Place Team Total $$$ Points (each)
1 Heath Black and Ken Arends 59 40 40
2 Joe Ward and Chuck Pickett 61 30 30
3 Jack Simpson and Gordy Cole 65 20 20
T4 John Harris and Don Kristofferson 68 2 2
T4 James Kaku and Trevor Heathorn 68 2 2
T4 Joe Milroy and Michael Kern 68 2 2
Baylands No. 9
Complete Standings
Last Modified 6/10/2019