USGA eClubhouse Website

The USGA recently introduced eClubhouse, a tool that allows clubs to create their own websites as part of The NCGA has adopted the program and has begun using the tool to help golfers find clubs to join. For the Palo Alto Golf Club, this has created a unique opportunity to simplify its membership and tournament signups. Our own website was developed back in 1999 primarily to show upcoming tournaments and results of past events. Later that morphed into a more complex site with the ability to sign up and pay for tournaments and to renew yearly membership. All of these features were developed by our Webmaster John Frykland who has over 40 years experience in software development. The problem is the technology is based on tools that require advanced skills and training to use. To make it easier to maintain the club's web presence and to allow others to add and manage content, we have decided to move our site to the new eClubhouse in the Fall of 2014.

Beginning with membership renewals for the 2015 season, those wishing to pay their yearly dues on line must do so through eClubhouse. Signups for our 2015 tournaments will also be moved to eClubhouse for those who enter and pay for events from their computers. These new signup methods will benefit from a dedicated payment processor that avoids some of the technical issues we've had with PayPal in the past. For you to enjoy the benefits of eClubhouse, you'll need to create a profile by following the directions below.

How to Create an eGolfer Account
Your eGolfer account will give you access to eClubhouse where your main page will show your current index and give you links to other USGA features.

How to Renew Your Membership Online
You can renew your club membership through your eGolfer account by following the instructions in the link above.

Last Updated on 1/9/2018