Honorary Members

Craig Allen - A PAGC member since 1971, Craig has served on the Board off and on for almost 20 of those years and has been the club's 'Rules Guy' during that time. He created the club's web site in 1999 and also helped update the club's bylaws when it was clear that they did not reflect the many ways that the club had evolved.  He also wrote the club's Local Rules and has volunteered as an NCGA tournament official since 1998.
Grant Spaeth - Probably our best known member, Grant has long been a supporter of Public Golf, and, as past president of the USGA, he has done much to further that cause.
Gordy Cole - Gordy is our oldest active member both in terms of age (85) and longevity (joined in 1976). He's been elected to the Board of Directors twice and served as President for a year during each tenure. Gordy's name appears on our Tournament of Champions board a total of five times and he is responsible for the creation of the club membership decal that you see in the upper right of this site's home page.
Last Updated on 8/12/2019