Team Match Play 2017

Schedule/Results - Thursday Team
The NCGA Team Match competition continues to be one of the best events put on by the NCGA.  Teams of 12 players have a home and home series with other clubs in their league.  The points winner in this round robin set of matches goes on to the championship finals.  If you visit Poppy Hills, check the trophy case to find our club listed as the very first winner of this competition.
12 Man Team Match Play
  In 2017 Palo Alto is only entering a single team (Thursday) in the tournament.  Lack of a volunteer captain and lack of many days to play during the season caused the club to drop the Saturday team.

Each club is represented by six two man teams.  Each player is matched against an opposing player in a singles match.  Each team plays a concurrent four ball match.  There are six points available in each foursome, two for each individual match and two for the team match. A single point is awarded each player or team when a match ends in a tie.
Any Palo Alto Club Member Can Play
  Participation to all Palo Alto Club Members.  In the interest of fairness (and trying to win the tournament) the Team Captain tries to field the best team possible, based on current performances.  Selection will be based on previous performances on the team and in club events.  For some matches, a player’s knowledge of an away course or willingness to play a practice round will be a factor in roster selection.
Orientation and Qualifying
  Over the years, the selection of each week's team has been left to the Team Captain.  Every attempt to have playoffs and competitions has been shown to be ineffective.  If you are interested in playing, contact Captain John Osness and let him know.
Financial Commitment
  Under the rules of team match competition, our club 'hosts' each visiting club.  To prevent a drain on the treasury, when we play away, the green fee at the away club (or the current Palo Alto fee if lower) is collected from each player.  This money is used to cover the visiting teams when they come to Palo Alto.
Questions ???
  Direct any questions to:
Thursday Team Captain John Osness
Home phone 650-593-9612.
  Team captains prefer to communicate by email. If you would like to be notified of all Team Match Play news, forward your email address to John.
Last Updated on 11/25/2016