Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Palo Alto Golf Club?
  A: The PAGC is a traditional golf club playing out of Baylands Golf Links in Palo Alto. We have over 200 men and women members who enjoy the benefits of belonging to a group of dedicated players and to the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA).
Q: Why should I join a golf club?
  A: There are many reasons why people join a golf club. Some relish the challenge of playing tournament golf. Others want to establish a formal index (handicap) to track their improvement and be evenly matched against their friends during casual competitions. For some, the club offers a chance to play on a regular basis and to just enjoy the company of fellow golfers.
Q: Why should I join Palo Alto Golf Club?
  A: Here are just a few reasons why you might join:
  • Membership in the club also includes membership in the NCGA and a GHIN Index number for posting scores and tracking your index (handicap). NCGA members also enjoy discounts on green fees at its two courses, Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach and Poppy Ridge in Livermore.
  • PAGC plays over 20 tournaments a year including away events at many of the fine courses in the area.
  • Tournaments offer prizes to the top finishers and are played in multiple flights so you will be competing against golfers with similar skills.
  • Finally, many people simply enjoy the close friendships made over the years with their fellow golfers. We have members who have been participating for over 30 years and are still going strong well into their 70's.
Q: What if I don't know anyone?
  A: That's one of the better reasons to join. You'll get to know lots of people and have a great time on the golf course. You might even end up being one of those 30+ year members.
Q: How can I get more details?
  A: You can check out this website for more information and the phone numbers of our board members, anyone one of whom will be glad to answer your questions.
Q: How do I join?
  A: The easiest way is to click the link below to see more details and to display the application form.  Simply print out the form, fill in the details and mail it in along with your check. You will receive a response within two weeks along with your GHIN number.  Then you'll be able to post your scores, establish a handicap and be on your way to better golf.  If you prefer, you can pick up a membership application at the golf course.
Q: Who are the club's honorary members?
  A: The bylaws of the Palo Alto Golf Club provide that:
  • Honorary members shall be members upon whom honorary membership shall have been conferred by unanimous vote at any meeting of the Board of Directors, such member having made a particular contribution to the Club or the game of golf. Dues for such members shall be waived.
  • All members of the Professional Golf Staff at the club are considered Honorary Members and the club maintains their membership in the NCGA.
  • List of Honorary Members
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Last Updated on 3/10/2020