Multi-Tee Adjustment Policy

The following information will be updated once the new Baylands course has been rated by the NCGA.

Each year the PAGC has three Major Stroke Play Tournaments, The Directors Cup, The Stroke Play Championship, and The Tournament of Champions.  In each of these competitions recognition is given to the "Overall Low Net Champion", the player with the lowest net score for the two days.

In our club championships, flights use different tees, based on their index level.  When a competition is held across multiple tees, an adjustment must be made to compensate for the difference in the lengths of the courses played.  And, contrary to the views of some, the Slope rating does not handle this situation.  For example, at our course, a player with a 10.6 index would receive an 11 course handicap from all three tees being used.  However, from the Black tees he would have to propel the ball almost 600 yards further than from the White tees.  Hence the need for the some kind of adjustment.

This adjustment is based on the differences between the Course Ratings from the three sets of tees.  Since the tournaments are held over two days and since modifying each player's course handicaps would be confusing and would also affect the play within each flight, the club's policy is to double the course rating differences, round the sum to the nearest stroke, and apply the adjustment to determine the final winner. 

The following adjustment calculations are for the Palo Alto Golf Course as it existed in 2014. These numbers need to be updated once the new Palo Alto Baylands course is open.

WHITE TEES: No adjustment
BLUE TEES: (66.1 - 63.9) = 2.2 * 2 = 4.4, rounded to 4 strokes
BLACK TEES: (67.1 - 63.9) = 3.2 * 2 = 6.4, rounded to 6 strokes

A further note; the same adjustment must, in fairness, be made for the Overall Low Gross Championship.  Thus, were a player from the Blue Tees to shoot a gross score more than two strokes lower than the best gross score made from the Black Tees, that player would be the Overall Low Gross Champion.  (He would also be subject to scrutiny by the Handicap Chair, but it could happen.)

Note:  These figures have been adjusted to match the new ratings published in August, 2013.

Last Updated on 2/18/2019