Tournament Policies and Procedures

These Tournament Policies and Procedures are issued by the Club's Tournament Handicap Committee. The Club's General Membership, the Board of Directors and the Golf Course are represented on the Committee by the following individuals:

  • Club President (Chair)
  • Club Professional
  • Tournament Chair
  • Handicap Chair
  • PAGC Member (Board Appointment)
  • PAGC Member (Pres. Appointment)

Appointed members will serve a one year term with no restriction on the rights of the Board, or the President, to re-appoint them for successive terms.

The Committee will provide advice and assistance to the Tournament Chair in the selection, scheduling and conduct of Club Tournaments and maintain the documentation on the club's local rules.  Questions and/or disputes regarding rules or rulings during the playing of a tournament will be referred to and resolved by a member or members of the Committee.

MAJOR TOURNAMENTS: The following Tournaments are designated as Major Tournaments:

  • All NCGA Club Qualifiers
  • Club Championship - Stroke Play
  • Match Play Championship
  • Directors Cup
  • Tournament Of Champions

SIGN-UP PROCEDURES FOR ALL TOURNAMENTS:  Tournament sign-ups are done my mail (including a check), by placing an envelope containing a check in the box at the Pro Shop, or via the internet.  If checks are used, each tournament requires a separate check.

The master sign-up lists for all tournaments will be kept on the website.  Members using checks will be added to that list by the Tournament Chair who will make every effort to assign space to the earliest signups.  Once a tournament is full, a list of alternates will be kept and alternates will be notified by the Tournament Chair of openings and method of payment.  If a tournament fills up within two days after signups are opened, a lottery will be conducted to determine the entries.  Members who lose such a lottery will be given priority in any subsequent lottery of their choice within the next year.

Players may request pairings for away tournaments when signing-up, but accommodation by the Tournament Chair may not be practical and is therefore not guaranteed.  For away tournaments that are not full, guest players are allowed but they cannot compete for prizes.

REFUNDS: For a home tournament fee to be refunded, the Tournament Chair must receive a cancellation notice from the entrant not less than 72 hours prior to the tournament date. Lack of said notification will result in forfeiture of the entry fee.

For away tournaments, once confirmed reservations have been made, cancellations shall first be filled by available alternates. If none are available, the cancelling member is responsible for filling their slot or the entry fee shall be forfeited.

TEE TIMES:Times shall be posted on the website no later than 6:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to home Tournaments, or three days before away Tournaments. The Pro Shop Staff will also be provided with a list of tee times for the convenience of players who call in for their times.

Nevertheless, it is the sole responsibility of the player to ensure the accuracy of times given over the telephone. The Staff is totally absolved of responsibility for a player missing their tee-time. The player must also be aware of changes in starting times due to "acts of nature" or other delays. The Staff can only estimate re-start times and or procedure changes due to these causes. Again, sole responsibility rests with the Player to be on the tee, on time. (Rule 5.3a)

HANDICAPS: Handicaps for all tournaments are based on the Player's current index at the time the Tournament Chair is setting up the pairings.  Standard USGA adjustments to course handicaps for four-ball competitions and four-player competitions will be applied.  An NCGA Index is reguired for all Major Tournaments.  New members, lacking an index, may enter non-major tournaments by submitting at least three signed score cards in time for the Handicap Chair to calculate a handicap.

USGA RULES OF GOLF APPLY: If extraordinary ground conditions require Local Rules, or if any other Special Rules are applicable, beyond those printed on the Golf Course score card, they will be provided on Tournament Information Sheets available at check-in or will be announced from the desk.  Penalties for disregard of these Rules may include disqualification.

NCGA TOURNAMENT SUBSTITUTION POLICY: At each NCGA qualifier, a list of alternates (individuals or teams) will be determined by the Tournament Chair using the club's established non-playoff tie breaking policy.  When an individual in the ILN or a member of a team in any of the NCGA team events cannot participate in the next stage of qualifying regardless of the reason, the Tournament Chair must be notified as soon as possible.  The qualifying spot will be offered to the highest ranking replacement team or individual.  No team should participate in the NCGA portion of the qualifying event if they know at the time that they will not be able to go on and play throughout the competition.

CLAIMS, DISPUTES, DECISIONS: At all tournaments one or more Committee members, or their designates, will be assigned to resolve claims and disputes. These decisions shall be final (Rule 20).

POSTING SCORES: All scores in PAGC tournaments will be posted by the Committee. It is expected that all other rounds played by PAGC members will be posted promptly and accurately, adjusting the scores as described under ‘Equitable Stroke Control’ on the club website.

SLOW PLAY: At home or away tournaments the Committee, in consultation with the golf course marshall, is empowered to penalize groups, or individuals for slow play (Undue Delay, Rule 5.6).  Refer to the club's pace-of-play policy on the website.

HOLE-IN-ONE CREDIT: A hole-in-one scored by a Palo Alto Golf Club member and witnessed by one other PAGC member, will receive $100.00 in credit in the Palo Alto Pro Shop.

REVIEW AND CHANGE PROCEDURES: This document will be reviewed at least once a year by the Committee for appropriate additions and amendments. It will require the approval of at least four of the six Committee members to change this document.

Amendments to this document may also be implemented based on affirmative vote by no less than six members of the Board of Directors.

The Committee welcomes written suggestions for change and improvement to these Policies and Procedures and encourages feedback from the membership. Please address your comments to:


Effective date: 01/01/2019
Last Updated on 12/21/2019