Information for Upcoming Events

Important Phone Numbers
Tournament Directors: Trevor Heathorn (650)704-9710
James Kaku (650) 493-1678
Doug Marinkovich (650) 321-2143
Chuck Pickett (408) 255-3822
Baylands Golf Links (650) 856-0881
Players Please Note
  • The times for home events are not available any earlier than they are sent to the Pro Shop and sometimes will be posted later.
  • Times for tournaments are generally available late Wednesday.
  • If you think you signed up for a tournament and don't find your name, call the Tournament Director as soon as possible.
  • If you think the times should be available and they are not here yet, call the Tournament Director.
  • Our pace of play guidelines work. Please pay attention to where you are on the course and keep up.
Last Updated on 12/4/2019