Palo Alto Golf Club - Major Tournament History

Going back through our archives, Craig Allen found the major tournament results you see below.  You may notice that there are some names missing from the Player of the Year column.  If you are the missing link or know who that person might be, take a second to email the webmaster with the information so that he can fill in the blanks.

Year Stroke Play Directors Cup Match Play Tournament of Champions Player of the Year
Gross Net Gross Net Gross Net
2020 John Driver Rafael Carmona Toscano Jim Cowie Howard Stein Steve Kim Brede Kolsrud Matt Gebhart John Driver
2019 John Driver Lou Sehl Rocky Wolf Buzz Ogren Heath Black Rocky Wolf Clayton Halsey Ken Arends
2018 Jim Cowie Rick Wheat Jim Cowie Tracy Powell Frank Cavaliere Jim Cowie Chuck Pickett Jack Purcell
2017 Peter Boese D. Marinkovich
Buzz Ogren
John Driver Buzz Ogren Tracy Powell Dave Bridgman Keith Arends Brad Miller
2016 Brent Booth Darien Arends Brent Booth Brad Miller Darien Arends Howard Stein Marshall Armstrong
Jim Schenkel
Ken Arends
2015 Brent Booth Buzz Ogren Jack Simpson John Osness Not Held Ryan Kim John Osness
Jim Breedlove
Buzz Ogren
2014 Howard Stein Darien Arends Jeff Segol Dennis Barbata Not Held Kevin Yamada Darien Arends Darien Arends
2013 Jim Cowie Howard Stein Brent Booth Ryan Gallagher Rocky Wolf Brent Booth Brent Booth Ken Ditty
2012 John Driver Ray Fales Jim Cowie Gordy Cole Chuck Pickett Jim Cowie Jun Barron Buzz Ogren
2011 Brent Booth Leo Kusuma Michael Dougherty Craig Gardner Patrick Beaulieu John Driver Roger Kalemba Roger Kalemba
2010 Brent Booth Patrick Beaulieu John Driver Jim Cowie James Kaku John Driver Steve Mikulic Craig Allen
2009 John Driver Bob Kelley Clinton Wu Brad Miller Kevin Kearns, Nick Ronan, Ray Coler Bob Spencer William Wei Patrick Beaulieu
2008 Clinton Wu Bob Booth Adam Fink Ken Arends Arn Cenedella Clinton Wu Luisito Barron Larry Bazinett
2007 Bob Spencer Bob Spencer Adam Fink Karl Clemons Rob Harrell Leith Anderson Leith Anderson Bob Spencer
2006 Dan Whitehurst Kian Lee Bob Mayer Ken Stalder John Arnot Bob Spencer Rob Harrell John Osness
2005 Dan Whitehurst William Wei Jim Cowie Frank Cavaliere Gordon Cole Leith Anderson Jim Schlatter Jim Schlatter
2004 Reed Majors Bob Lall Bob Mayer Gordon Cole John Osness Jim Cowie Brad Miller Craig Allen
2003 Carl Johnson Sam Giannotti Carl Johnson Pete Bahnmueller Reed Majors Reed Majors Dick Baker Matt Davis
2002 Dave Brandi Dave Brandi Nick Kaufman Mike Riche Carl Johnson Craig Allen Craig Allen Craig Allen
2001 Carl Johnson Don Kristofferson Carl Johnson Sam Harris Dave Brandi Carl Johnson Larry Bazinett
Jack Woods
Rick Sturiza
2000 Dave Brandi Matt Davis Carl Johnson Eddie Williams Bob Greene Sam Giannotti Gordon Cole Jack Helt
1999 Dan Whitehurst Gordon Cole Dave Smith Howard Corley Bob Greene Dave Smith Ed Paas Bob Greene
1998 Carl Johnson Ross Erickson Peter Malloy Peter Malloy Walt Joyce Dave Smith Dave Smith Craig Allen
1997 Peter Boese Orlie Esquibel Peter Boese Tracy Powell Dave Smith Peter Boese Tim Tennison Rick Deutscher
1996 Alex Stamey Karl Clemons Dave Smith Don Kristofferson Paul Behrend Dave Smith Henry Belch Bob Greene
1995 Craig Allen Ron Tatterson Dave Smith Stephen Greenberg Dave Smith Craig Allen Ken Arends Ken Arends
1994 Fred Woerner Peter Malloy Alex Stamey Dave Hyams
Roger Kalemba
Pat Concanon Craig Allen Gary Schmitz  
1993 Fred Woerner Rick Deutscher Craig Allen Savas Loukedis Walt Joyce Ray Jacques Wendell Shak  
1992 John Poitras Al Vannucci John Poitras Gary Lovazzano John Poitras Ray Jacques Wendell Shak  
1991 Ron Davies Mark Lamb Heather Hughes Bill Shaugnessy John Poitras Craig Allen Dan Barnes  
1990 Pat Walter Peter Damsgaard Steve Lochrie Clive MacKenzie Tom Byler Craig Allen Ed Ward  
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