Tournament Signup Procedures

Tournament Signups
For our home tournaments, sign-ups close at end of day on the Saturday prior to the tournament.  For our away tournaments, the closing date varies based on the rules of the course we are playing.  Many courses require full early payment so we have little flexibility in holding extra spots for late sign-ups.  Therefore, do the tournament Chair a favor and get your entries in early.  If a tournament fills up early we sometimes have the option of expanding it.  But we can't hold spots that we may have to pay for later.

Another reason to sign up early is that priority is given to early signups where checks are included.  This is the case if a tournament fills up or, in the case of a tournament such as the Match Play Championship or a 4 man team event, we must restrict the pairings to groups of four.  If a tournament looks like it is going to fill up, the Tournament Chair will pay close attention to the payment date.
Sign up for a tournament in one of the following ways:
On the Internet:  Log in to you Member Planet account at
Payment Policy
You must include a separate check for each tournament when you sign up.  Please make the checks payable to Palo Alto Golf Club.  Our policy is to deposit your check once the tournament has been played.  Checks that are mailed must be received at the golf course before the tournament closing date.  For on-line signups, your payment will be debited from your credit card when you confirm the purchase.
Cancellations and Refunds
If you have signed up for a tournament and need to cancel, contact the Tournament Director who's running the event, not the Pro Shop.  It is not the responsibility of anyone in the Pro Shop to pass on your information to the Tournament Director.  Cancellation must be through direct contact with the Tournament Director.  Click on the "Policies" button to the left for information on the club's refund policy.
Last Updated on 12/5/2020