Welcome to the Palo Alto Golf Club website.  We are a group of over 200 members who play out of the Baylands Golf Links.  Our goal is to make this website a primary source of club information for our members.  Join the club and you might even get your picture on our major tournament winner's board.
2021 Top 25 in Points
Rank Name Points
1 Buzz Ogren 398
2 John Driver 317
3 Chuck Pickett 308
4 Trevor Heathorn 302
5 Ray Coler 287
6 Douglas Marinkovich 277
T7 Michael Kern 264
T7 Kevin Yamada 264
9 Ross Erickson 250
10 Michael Waller 244
11 Rick Wheat 241
12 Heath Black 233
13 Lou Sehl 219
14 Steven Guzman 215
15 Jack Woods 214
16 Ken Arends 209
T17 Patrick Beaulieu 200
T17 Paolo Resmini 200
19 Jack Simpson 195
T20 Ryan Hallum 193
T20 Keith Shiver 193
22 Benjamin Weaver 179
23 Tyler Biggs 177
24 Smith Sirisakorn 176
T25 Jeff Johnson 170
T25 Karl Schmidt 170
Updated 6/29/2021
Complete 2021 Standings
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The club has moved its membership and tournament sign up process to Member Planet to better serve you. Here you can join the club, renew your membership, register for a tournament and get the latest news. Follow the links below for more information.
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New Rules in Effect Beginning 2019
In case you haven't heard, the USGA and other golf governing bodies around the world will be adopting an entirely new set of rules beginning January 1. The links below will help you understand the most important ones.
Upcoming Events
Date Location Tournament Closes Details
07/10-11/2021 Baylands Golf Links Match Play 07/01/2021
07/24/2021 Blackhorse Golf Course I.L.N. 07/16/2021
08/14/2021 Baylands Golf Link 5-Club Challenge 08/07/2021
08/28/2021 Coyote Creek Golf Course Max Score 08/21/2021
09/11-12/2021 Baylands Golf Links Stroke Play 08/30/2021
Full Tournament Schedule
Tournament Results
Event Date Location Tournament Format Results
June 28 Cinnabar Hills Golf Course Maximum Score ILN
June 5 Baylands Golf Links NCGA Senior 4-Ball Qualifier
May 30 Metropolitan Golf Links 2-Player 9/9
May 8 Baylands Golf Links I.L.N.
April 17 Las Positas Golf Club I.L.N.
2021 Tournament Results                 Player Results by Tournament
In Honor of Grant Spaeth

Grant Spaeth has been an honorary member of the Palo Alto Golf Club for over a quarter of a century. When the club held it's annual spring return to golf gatherings at the old Palo Alto Golf Course, Grant would often show up to talk golf with the members and renew old acquaintances. I was introduced to Grant by another long time member Ray Witt at one of these gatherings. Please follow the link below for more information about Grant and his contributions to golf.

NCGA Tribute to Grant Spaeth

Newest Members
Name City Joined
Shai Mohan Palo Alto 4/23/21
Ben Beiers San Carlos 4/22/21
Robert Sutton Palo Alto 4/18/21
David Mease Los Altos 4/14/21
Garrett Muscatel Stanford 4/07/21
Navid Chowdhury Palo Alto 4/06/21
Nicholas Dimaio Old Brookville 4/04/21
Ken Morishita San Carlos 3/23/21
John Tellis San Mateo 3/22/21
David Gross Palo Alto 3/20/21
Omar Magana Redwood City 3/7/21
Donald Ragno Palo Alto 3/6/21
Paul Snow Redwood City 3/5/21
Brian Lewis Redwood City 2/16/21
Darby Brennan Menlo Park 2/9/21
Krista Rosa Menlo Park 2/6/21
Nick Fruendt Palo Alto 2/1/21
John Jarvinen San Bruno 2/1/21
Bret Van Buskirk Hillsborough 1/30/21
Nicholas Huetteman Santa Clara 1/29/21
Will Scharrenberg San Jose 1/28/21
Dave Pasin Palo Alto 1/27/21
Mathew Coleman San Francisco 1/21/21
Sean Guzman Palo Alto 1/19/21
Kyle Morrison San Jose 1/19/21
Timothy Vella Palo Alto 1/19/21
Trevor Vlay Palo Alto 1/19/21
Mark Lamb Woodside 1/17/21
Jason Mueller Redwood City 1/15/21
Mike Mckee Redwood City 1/15/21
Scot Strotman Sunnyvale 1/13/21
Jack Wamre Washington DC 1/13/21
Flinchbaugh Reed Palo Alto 1/11/21
Ziyan Zeng New York City 1/07/21
Charles Yun Cupertino 1/05/21